Jamestown Fitness Center hires trainers with many characteristics. All trainers are skilled and certified. Each has a unique personality and outlook on fitness programming. There are many different methods of reaching goals related to strength, flexibility, leanness, and overall health and fitness. The avenues that a trainer recommends are based on the health history of the particular client and that person’s objectives. All trainers start by obtaining the client’s health history, as well as information about any known injuries or imbalances. The individual’s goals are then discussed in detail, whether it be to achieve strength for a favorite activity, to reach a new level in a competitive sport, to improve lean muscle mass, to improve bone density, or to increase the ability to function and perform daily activities. The trainer designs an appropriate program to meet these goals while always being careful to avoid injuries.


Bill House


Bill House has been with Jamestown Fitness Center since its opening in July 2005. He has always been interested in fitness and health and has been working out seriously since 1996. Bill is a Certified Personal Trainer with an AFPA Certification received in 2002. He also received AFPA Certification in Stability Ball Training in 2004. Senior exercise as well as post-rehabilitation and strength training are areas that Bill excels in. He has helped many clients combine nutritional information with their exercise program.




Kevin Hutch


Kevin is a seasoned strength coach with a decade of experience and a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education. His coaching philosophy revolves around simplicity, emphasizing the union of mind and body. Through his dedicated approach, he aims to guide individuals on their fitness journey, fostering holistic well-being and optimal performance. Join him in unlocking your full potential and achieving lasting results.






Amanda Taylor


Amanda joins the team at Jamestown Fitness Center with certifications in Personal training, Group Fitness, Indoor Power Cycling, and Distance Running Coaching.