Jamestown Fitness Center hires trainers with many characteristics. All trainers are skilled and certified. Each has a unique personality and outlook on fitness programming. There are many different methods of reaching goals related to strength, flexibility, leanness, and overall health and fitness. The avenues that a trainer recommends are based on the health history of the particular client and that person’s objectives. All trainers start by obtaining the client’s health history, as well as information about any known injuries or imbalances. The individual’s goals are then discussed in detail, whether it be to achieve strength for a favorite activity, to reach a new level in a competitive sport, to improve lean muscle mass, to improve bone density, or to increase the ability to function and perform daily activities. The trainer designs an appropriate program to meet these goals while always being careful to avoid injuries.


Bill House


Bill House has been with Jamestown Fitness Center since its opening in July 2005. He has always been interested in fitness and health and has been working out seriously since 1996. Bill is a Certified Personal Trainer with an AFPA Certification received in 2002. He also received AFPA Certification in Stability Ball Training in 2004. Senior exercise as well as post-rehabilitation and strength training are areas that Bill excels in. He has helped many clients combine nutritional information with their exercise program. Bill lives in North Kingston, Rhode Island, with his wife Jen and children Isabella and Will.



Will Fish


Will Fish was first certified as a personal trainer in June 2000 by the International Sport Science Association. He has been working consistently as a personal trainer since then. In April 2005 he became Russian Kettle Bell certified through Pavel Tsatouline. Will combines various fitness philosophies when putting together a routine for a client. In his own words, “While Kettlebells are a big part of what I do, I believe in a well rounded approach. I use dumbbells, barbells, bodyweight drills, and whatever gets the job done. The key is how you put it together in relation to your needs and goals.” Will is a firefighter and EMT with two children.




Samra “Sam” Pease


Samra “Sam” Pease began working at Jamestown Fitness Center in 2007. She worked at the front desk and became so enthused with fitness that she obtained her Personal Training Certificate in 2011 from Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. She continues to research all types of fitness training on her own and through workshops for professional personal trainers. Her knowledge is extensive and diverse which allows her to create a workout specialized to any individual’s needs, abilities, and desires. Her knowledge of nutrition principles for athletes and healthy living is extensive. Sam lives with her husband Fred and raised two children in the Town of Jamestown.