Jamestown Fitness Center is located in the village of Jamestown, Rhode Island, a town that occupies Conanicut Island at the entrance to Narragansett Bay. Designed on the basis of its owner’s vision as well as its members’ input, the facility opened on July 1, 2005, as a small boutique gym like no other. Its concept from the start has been a dedication to having the highest quality equipment possible. The objective is to help its members use the available equipment to reach their personal health goals. Member feedback, combined with knowledgeable staff and a caring personal touch, are important aspects of improving the quality of each person’s experience.

The ability to achieve a variety of workouts is made possible by the great variety of equipment at Jamestown Fitness Center. Yet even though the gym is small, there is rarely a wait for equipment because the member base is maintained at an appropriate number for the facility.

As of April 1, 2016, Jamestown Fitness is operating under new ownership.

Facilities and Equipment

Jamestown Fitness Center has separate locker rooms for men and women, with showers and bathrooms that are handicap accessible. Members may use any locker they wish as long as they remove their personal belongings from it at the end of their workout. Members provide their own locks.

Jamestown Fitness Center is committed to not contributing to more plastic pollution. We no longer sell water and now have a water fountain with a water bottle filling feature.

Cardio equipment (includes but not limited to):

True 850 Soft System Treadmills
True Recumbent bicycles
Stairway Ultimate Stair Climber

Cybex Arc Trainers with Arms
Cybex Arc Trainers without Arms
True Strider TS1
Concept II D Rower
Jump Ropes

Free Weights:

Dumbells to 110 lbs.
Decline bench and adjustable benches
Body Bars
Medicine Balls
Olympic Bench
Smith Machine
Power Cage

Strength Training:

Circuit of Selectorized weight equipment all by Hoist including:

Pec Fly/Rear Delt
Chest Press/Shoulder Press
Lat Pull Down/Mid Row
Inner Thigh/Outer Thigh
Leg Press/Calf Raise
Leg Extension/Leg Curl
Preacher Curl/Tricep Extension
Ab Crunch/Lower Back
Chin/Dip Assist

Multi Function Cable Unit

Balance & Stability:

Stability Balls
Stability Discs
Various Bands
TRX Trainer

Flexibility & Stretching:

True Stretch Cage
Foam Rollers
Airex pads